The Intro

This wiki page will focus on art made in the streets. Street Art/Graffiti is a form of art that most people can relate to more easily than fine arts. The purpose of street art is to display a visual message to the public, where as fine artists tend to attempt to please the art world within galleries. This wiki looks to inform readers of different kinds of street art happening in our world today and also encourage them to answer questions and provide input upon their visual experiences and understandings of the work. Each question page on this wiki will be entitled to one artist, give a brief description of the artist and work, and also provide open ended questions to allow readers to provide input. Note that the few artists I will showcase are a VERY small percentage of how many are actually out there. Street Art has such a broad community of artists and styles - finding new works can be endless. Street Art is practiced every day and new styles and artists are always emerging. This wiki encourages users to keep an out for new work.