KAWS is an artist who started his career by making graffiti lettering in the streets. He formed the name KAWS under the interest in how the 4 individual letters (K.A.W.S.) form and look together. After his stage of painting typical graffiti letterforms, KAWS moved into his trademark character: A cartoonish skull and crossbones with Xs for eyes. The more he produced this character in the street, the more it became recognized. With this recognition, KAWS took advantage of moving from the street art realm to a more fine arts aesthetic - KAWS began having his own gallery openings, clothing and toy production and also work for celebrities. KAWS is still a working artist and is still producing his trademark art. KAWS does not intend to mass produce his work, he enjoys the exclusiveness of it, and therefore does not have a massive online upkeep. But, he does have a blog: http://www.kawsone.com/blog check it out to find some of his more current art and what he's interested in.

My question for readers is:

In your opinion, what style of work from KAWS do your prefer most, his early street lettering and characters (pics 1 & 2), or his more current studio, toys, clothing, and designs (pics 3 & 4)? Justify your reasoning.

1. I prefer KAWS' early work with street lettering and characters. Many people would look at graffiti as vandalism, but in my opinion it is an incredible art form. I like that his current studio, toys, clothing and designs have a history that can be found out on the streets. However, I find the street art itself to be more engaging and interesting because of its locations. (E. Foltz)

2. I actually like his early works more. They hold the traditional art style of street art with his creativity influence. Also the locations in first two really grabbed me. If I stop and saw his pieces as I was walking down the street i would be more interested in those works because of the location, and it being right in front me would hold my attention more.( phoward)

Thanks guys for your input. I have to say that I agree with both of you. Although I am a big fan of KAWS' studio work, I feel like any original form of art making with no outside influence holds greater value to me because of it's honesty. KAWS started his letter forms and street art on his own and because he wanted to. Whether they know it or not, any artist's work that ends up in a studio loses its uniqueness. When art is produced for a gallery, the artist is not doing it for themselves anymore but is concerned of what the audience will think. But, then again, this isn't always a bad thing. This discussion could go on and on, but thank you both for stating your opinions. (D. Sedar)