Space Invader


We all know the classic 80s arcade game Space Invaders, but this street artist gives the title a whole new meaning. Space Invader is an artist who's name derives from his idea of street artists literally invading public space. His classic and somewhat well known characters from the original game bring the world of arcade games into the public streets. Space Invader has glued multiple tiles to walls and uses repetition to familiarize the public of his name and work. For more images, product, and news from Space Invader visit

My question for readers is:

Do you believe there should be a concern of plagiarism within Space Invader's work, or do you think he can justify the use of characters and concepts as his own idea? Explain your answer.

1. The concern of plagiarism within Space Invader's work would only become an issue if profit was a factor. If Space Invader is profiting from infringement on the Space Invader logo/trademark characters, then an agreement would need to be reached between the artist, and the corporation that holds the rights to the images he is reproducing. Plagiarism is a very touchy area for artists of all kinds including: musicians, authors, composers, and designers. It only seems right that street artists, if they are profiting from other peoples work, should be held responsible. (E. Foltz)

2. That would depends. If his profits from his works and doesn't have an agreement with the original artist then there might an issue. Profiting from someone's else work can be a sticky situation (Phoward)

An interesting factor to point out is, yes most of his work is in the streets, but similar to KAWS Space Invader also makes t-shirts and other small art works to sell. Although, he does not mass produce them, I wonder if plagiarism should be a concern. I wonder if his work is even that well known for it to even be a problem. I know his popularity is definitely growing, and the years from when the game Space Invader came out keep increasing so it may not be a problem. Definitely something to think about. But as of right now, I truly enjoy the work Space Invader (Street Artist) does. (D. Sedar)